Who Needs Drug Abuse Help?

There are a lot of effects that come about as a result of drug abuse. These effects can be divided into three separate and broad categories, namely behavioral, physical, and psychological. There are a number of drug abuse services that can be used to treat them and enable the drug abuser to begin to once more live a normal life.

Behavioral Effects of Drug Abuse

One of the most common alterations in behavior is the change of friends. The person begins to drop his or her initial group of friends and adopts new ones. In many cases, the new pack will be made up of known drug traffickers or people who abuse the same drugs. This is because they feel that they are more able to understand each other and begin to do things together. There are also changes in his or her hobbies, as in the person begins to despise events that would bring him or her in contact with family members and former friends and spends more time with the new ones.

Who Needs Drug Abuse Help?

In some cases, when drug abusers fail to get money for their drugs in the right way, they end up stealing from their family members, fellow students, or workmates to get money to buy their drugs. They also begin to engage in a lot of fights and have an “I don’t care” attitude to life. Behavioral effects of drug abuse can best be handled through behavioral counseling. This is done by addiction counselors in centers that provide drug abuse services.

Physical Effects of Drug Abuse

One of the most observable changes in a person once drug abuse begins is in the physical appearance of the addict. For instance, the person begins to disregard his or her hygiene and begins to look dirty and scruffy, often wearing dirty clothes, having a sleepy and tired look. or even sporting long, disheveled hair.

Drug abusers also often find themselves having to battle a huge and increasing number of diseases, which make them frail and causes them to spend a lot of money on treatment. They also often have reddish eyes, often due to lack of sleep.

One of the best drug abuse services suited to handle physical impacts of drug addiction on an individual is detoxification. Detox enables addiction professionals to eject all forms of drugs from the patient’s body and then provide treatment for other forms of diseases present through various medications.

Psychological Effects of Drug Abuse

These refer to mental changes that occur on a drug abuser as a result of the addiction. One of them is paranoia. The person begins to distrust everyone, even his or her friends and family. Drug abusers do not trust people easily and are hard to make friends with, unless the ones seeking friendship are drinking or drug buddies.

Another major psychological effect that must be considered here is that of forgetfulness. Usually, the addict does not remember what happened to him or her during the intoxication period. If the addiction is not treated through the necessary drug abuse services, it could lead to irreversible memory loss or brain damage. The best treatment for these types of effects is guidance and counseling by drug abuse specialists. Once the addiction has been treated, the patient must also be assisted to avoid him or her falling back into the vice.