When Is Drug Abuse Help Needed?

Now it is true that each of us (Americans) has had an experience in one way or other with a substance and drug abuser. This can be either in our families, at the workplace, or even at school. Witnessing this is not an easy thing to do, especially if the abuser is your child, spouse, or other type of relative.

The worst part of watching drug abuse in action is not the taking of the drugs themselves, but seeing the impact that the drugs have on a person. These impacts can be countered through seeking drug abuse services, which are available across the country. How do you come to realize that it is time for a person to seek drug abuse services? When are these services needed by a person who is abusing drugs?

When Is Drug Abuse Help Needed?

There are a lot of symptoms and signs of drug abuse that has grown to dangerous levels, some of which are physical. Others are spiritual, emotional, and psychological. If drug abuse services are not sought as soon as these symptoms are recognized, the addict could end up suffering greatly and could even die.

One of the symptoms is the neglecting of duties by the abuser. These include skipping classes and work or failing to provide for the family if the addict is the family’s breadwinner. This is one of the very worst effects because it could not only destroy the life of the concerned abuser, but those of their loved ones as well. When this happens, the addict should be asked to sign up for drug abuse services to correct the situation.

Another very obvious symptom manifested by a person who urgently needs drug abuse services is frequent troubles with the law. How many times has the person been arrested by police due to brawling with another patron at the bar or for beating up someone else while high on marijuana, meth, or cocaine?

How many times has the drug abuser been stopped by the police for driving while under the influence of alcohol or some other intoxicant? When abusing drugs goes to a far extent, addicts no longer care about legal problems or what will happen after they have taken their preferred drugs. All they want is to satisfy their cravings.

Another sign that drug abuse is getting out of hand and must be treated is the willingness of the drug addicts to continue taking the drugs despite the dangers they are putting themselves into. A good example is that some drugs like cocaine could at times be taken using needles.

Drug abusers sometimes share these needles while knowing the diseases they could be infected with are very dangerous and include HIV/AIDS. Another common example is driving while intoxicated from alcohol or other drugs. This is dangerous, both for the drug user and his or her passengers, but they don’t seem to remember this at the time.